Clark County is home to approximately 425,000 residents and is positioned in the South Western most part of the state of Washington. This county offers a wide variety of amenities and opportunities for individuals looking to relocate. As the first county in Washington, Clark County was affectionately named after William Clark from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. With its beautiful scenery and lush greenery, Clark County has much to offer.

Homes for Sale in Clark County

Clark County Schools

Clark County is proud of their public-school system, boasting an over 90 percent high school graduation rate. The college graduation rate states at 27 percent, just under the nation’s own 30 percent college graduation rate. Of those Clark County residents with College degrees, the majority are in the field of Engineering with the Arts being a close second as a popular field of study. Home to 138 public schools serving over 80,000 students throughout the county, Clark County takes education seriously.

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Recreation & Parks in Clark County

Clark County is surrounded by rivers on both sides. The Columbia River and the Lewis River surround and cross the county providing gorgeous waterways and scenic landscapes. Rich with wildlife, Clark County has a large number of available hiking trails and nature preserves. There are also many locations for water sports and games available on both privately owned bodies of water and those open to the public. Fishing is also a very popular past-time for Clark County residents.

Clark County Weather

Clark County receives nearly double the nation’s average of rainfall every year with an average of 73 inches of rainfall. Snow is much more uncommon, with an average of only 5 inches per year. Clark County expects to see approximately 140 days of sun per year, with the average for the nation at 205 days of sun per year. With the amount of rain received in Clark County, humidity ranges are on the high end, as well.

Clark County Amenities

Clark County features many amenities to for relocating to the Washington area. For those in search of employment, the local municipalities and the school system offer a large volume of employment opportunities. Georgia-Pacific, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Rail, and Wafer Tech are three private employers with a large variety of job opportunities for Clark County residents. There is a multitude of community centers throughout the county that provide activities, clubs, and sports opportunities.

Clark County Real Estate

Currently, the median home value in Clark County is just over $342,000. With an average of 50 days on the market to sell a home, the real estate market is healthy and is showing signs of continuing this trend. Less than one percent of homeowners are defaulting on their homes and pride of ownership is an expectation in most neighborhoods. Over the next 12 months, the appreciation rate is expected to increase by at least another three percent. This projected market increase is substantiated by a medium list price of over $400,000 at this time.