Also known as the “Couve” is within minutes of all Portland, OR area destinations because of its small-town laid back feel. Originally known as a bedroom community Vancouver, WA has become a hot location for buyers looking for the best of both worlds, proximity to work and “more bang for your buck” when purchasing a home. Most Vancouver, WA neighborhoods are newer than what you will find in Portland, OR and less crowded. Washington State also has tax benefits and tends to have more funding of state-run services the what you will find in Oregon. The key to living in Vancouver, WA and working in Portland, OR is location. Staying south of Hwy 500 makes it easier to commute in and out. Newer construction will likely be found east of Hwy 205 and also north of 78th st. There are two School Districts to choose from, Vancouver Public Schools is the original and tends to run on the west side. Vancouver Public Schools is known for its innovative and highly rated Magnet Programs. Evergreen Public Schools cover the east side of Hwy 205 neighborhoods and tend to be a priority for most families because of the high ratings.

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Market Action Index (MAI) illustrates the balance between supply and demand.

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